It’s hard to find these special children wearing new cloths….
Y2h made this happen, by gifting them with new clothes, sweets & crackers by achieving a fund of Rs. 10,000 on this auspicious day of Diwali……. This day would be the defeat of sorrow, worry & fear in the lifetime of this god’s

These god’s children are so happy on seeing the Santa…….. Gifts & chocolates were distributed by this Santa who is none other than the y2h volunteer…!!!!!
This interaction makes these children to feel good of themselves to overcome isolations compared to the normal life of other children.

The best weapon to win one’s heart is a child’s smile. The smile we see in the lips of god’s children is worth more than a million dollar. We extend our hands in spreading happiness in the life of these children by conducting talent hunts & game shows. 

We also issued provisional & stationery materials for these kids. 

Moments at a glance