Funfest is the second annual program started in 2014 after “sparsh “ by Y2H family, to help the GOD’s children to overcome their fear about their acceptance in the society. .”Everyone has a right to live their life to the fullest”, this is the main motto of this event. This program is solely based on encouraging the Kids to enjoy every minute that is being blessed onto them by the creator. The main aim of this program is to create a friendly atmosphere to these children, so that they can exhibit their talent to the society and to make them see their very own potential.
Funfest 2014 was the 1st event of Funfest activities held on 15th June, 2014 in BapalalBhawan , Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai. The day was very wonderful and a memorable day for the Y2H family. Once again, our volunteers havebeen done a terrific job in making this event a colorful and irresistible celebration of the year. The generous donation done by the volunteers has made this event a grand success.
The day started with active beetle of volunteers, helping the kids to organize themselves in the auditorium. There were kids from five different organization participated to make the day whole. Once all the kids were arrived to the spot, breakfast was provided. The then energetic kids were made to play several games like musical chair and as such for the first half of the day. The kids had a great stamina for they never ceased to play. Several games were conducted in and out of the hall. The volunteers too had a great pleasure in helping the kids to enjoy the games greatly. Two to three hours of mind refreshing games made the kids to look forward to the events planned for the rest of the day.
     Sir Abdul Gani (A Social Activist) , Sir S.Sunder ( Lion’s Club Governor, Thiruvanmiyur) , Sir RjDheena (Rj) graced us with their presence in the afternoon. They gave us an inspirational speech of how a young person should contribute to the society in their free time and how important it is to do such a great work and what impact it has on those children’s heart and soul. Abdul Gani sir spoke about the greatest value of the work that we are doing to help these kids and he also told us about the greatest joy that he receives in doing these social activities. Sunder sir has encouraged us more by giving us an opportunity to form “the Leo y2h” and told us about how happy he was to be a participant of this propitious event. The surprising arrival of RjDheena sir had made the day ‘a sparkling occasion’. The way he gave us a speech , made everyone to look forward to what he has to say next. He blended with the people with ease that we no longer thought him as a chief guest but as one of us. His way of making everything seem too simple kindled the simplicity in every person present on that day. 

Moments at a glance